Our Mission

Helping people find other players with common gaming interests and building new friendships.

What is GameWithGamers?

GameWithGamers is an online multiplayer gaming collaboration board which offers a place for people to post information about shared game servers, people looking for other players to play online, building teams, creating specific tasks, jobs or missions to be completed in an online multiplayer game.  GameWithGamers is NOT a forum website however we love forum websites for their purpose.  GameWithGamers... it like a job board similar to Indeed.com or Monster.com... but for GAMES!  Looking for someone to be a sniper or someone to battle in a MMO or someone to farm a field... whatever your gaming need is ... post it on GameWithGamers!


Why was GWG created? 

Wouldn't it be great if there was a website that would allow people to post and search for other players and be able to keep up with the newest games or changing trends of online games? 

This website was designed to solve that problem

GameWithGamers was established to solve the common problem of finding other players without having to subscribe to multiple forums to find people to play games.  Have you ever searched or posted on a forum or multiple forums looking for people to play with?  How many different forums have you subscribed to over the past few years and now those games are out of the trend? What did you did with all those subscriptions or friendships you created?  When gaming interests change or when new games are released... usually people need to sign up to new forums to find others with play with.  This website will allow you to post and find people while NOT being tied to a specific game forum.  This website will allow you to find other people with common interests and build friendships while growing with your gaming interests.


What do you get with GWG?

FREE ACCESS Membership with the following FREE features
Unlimited 14 Day Basic Job Listings with FREE Renewals
Featured Job Listing for the First 3 Days of Each Listing
Priority Job Listing for the First Day of Each Listing

Optional Upgrades

Job Listing Optional Upgrades / Add-ons*  Optional Website Promotion Upgrades / Add-ons* 
Priority1 Single 14 Day Listing (purchased after listing is created)$ 1.95 Featured3 GAMER for 7 Days (purchase anytime below)7 Days $ 3.95
Featured2 Single 14 Day Listing (purchased after listing is created)$ 3.95 Featured3 GAMER for 14 Days (purchase anytime below)14 Days $ 6.95
   Bottom Banner Advertising for 7 Days (purchase anytime below)7 Days $ 3.95
1. PRIORITY job listings will be highligted on the top of listing search result pages.
2. FEATURED job listings will be highligted on the home page under the Featured Listings section.
  3. FEATURED GAMER logo will be highligted on the home page on the right side under the Featured Gamers section and also along the top of the game category page. 


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All prices are subject to change without notice. 

Don't See Your Game?

If your game is not on the list, submit a game request on the Contact page and we will get it added for you.

Interested in advertising or marketing your game services with GWG?

If you would like to advertise your game server, your team or a game company on our website, you can purchase banner sections or you may Contact Us about a custom ad.


About myself.

My name is Jerry and I am the founder and creator of GameWithGamers.  I was born and raised in a small farming community in Iowa.  My high school graduating class was 92 and the high school grades from 8th through 12th consisted of about 450 students so you can imagine that everyone knew everything about everyone.  I currently live in Iowa but have moved serveral hours from my home town.  I was born in the early 1980's and grew up playing Atari, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega, Nintendo 64 and various versions of PlayStation.  In my high school years my friends and I would get together for Nintendo64 gaming parties which usually consisted of us playing 4 person GoldEye, Smash Brothers or Mario Cart.  Each weekend one of us would host the gaming party which would start around 6pm or 7pm and go until we were nearly sleeping... midnight or so.  On a few occasions I would rent a high end projector from the high school and we would hook up the N64 to the projector and play on a big wide screen.  I think each person had something like 30 inches high by 36 inches wide for a quarter section of the screen.  That was pretty awesome!  It was pretty high tech back in those days.  ;-)

In my college years I found that console games were still the dominating method of gaming with the ability to connect the console to the internet but typically slow internet connections caused issues with online console gaming, however a new wave of online gaming was surfacing throught the internet by using PCs.  The PC industry was starting to boom and the need for video cards to support gaming was ramping up.  If I only knew then what I know now about video cards and the gaming industry... my life would be different.  Not any better or worse... just different.  :-)

I'm an outgoing person with an entrepreneur spirit and love to spend time with friends and family. I love the outdoors and working with people. I enjoy helping others in areas that I can help them out. I live in Iowa on a small 5 acre acreage with my wife. We have 2 horses, 3 dogs, chickens and on few occasions other animals that keep us entertained.  My profile pic is of me holding a 29" walleye that took about 40 minutes to pull in from Lake Erie. A few years back we took a family "guys" trip out to the lake and the six of us had a blast. I think in total we caught about 33 walleyes in 3 days ranging from 23" to 30" in length.

During the day I am in IT as a Systems\Network Administrator for a mid-size company in the mid-west and have a part-time IT consulting business.  I am also a volunteer at our church and currently serve as the church president. I am also an advisor on the board of the church's christian daycare based in an elderly retirement home. It is so exciting to see and hear the joy that children bring to the elderly and vice versa.

With all these activities I don't get to game as often as I used to but I understand the challenge of trying to find other people to play online games with and that I why I created this website.  I want to help you join a group of people that are playing a game you want to play in the shortest amount of time without all the extra searching around the internet to find players.  Please help me spread the word to all the other gamers out there so we can all game together.

Thank you,
Jerry Bossard
Founder and Creator
Game With Gamers Founder - Jerry Bossard

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